New Mexico Brain Injury Advisory Council (BIAC) was created by statute to make recommendations to the Governor’s Commission on Disability (GCD), the governor, the legislature and other state agencies about concerns regarding services and activities pertaining to persons with brain injuries, their families and caregivers.


Brain Injury Service Fund (BISF) was established to provide short-term services to individuals with a crisis need, who have been diagnosed with a Brain Injury.

2005    “Every 21 Seconds” video was created to provide education and awareness about brain injury and the real stories of people in New Mexico.


Empowerment project implemented to provide an advocacy training program for persons with brain injury, family members and professionals to learn about: brain injury, brain injury issues, advocacy, local national and state systems serving persons with brain injury and public policy.


Child Helmet Safety Act was passed establishing a law in New Mexico that every child under the age of 18 wear a helmet when riding a tricycle, bike, scooter, skateboard or skates on public property.


First Initiative to distribute children’s bicycle helmets to promote education, awareness and prevention about brain injury.

Military screening tip card created to provide awareness of identifying brain injury for those in the military.


Study completed about the incidence, cause, diagnosis and impact of traumatic and acquired brain injury in New Mexico.


Children’s bicycle helmet distribution begins. Bicycle helmets are distributed to children state wide to educate about the concept of when to wear a helmet and how to fit a helmet properly. In addition, educational materials and information is distributed to educate adults about the law and how to help children with wearing a bicycle helmet.


The service definition for brain injury was expanded to include other acquired brain injuries in addition to traumatic brain injury so that more people are eligible to receive short term services through the Brain Injury Services Fund.

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