Brain Injury Education and Prevention

Domestic Violence Education and Training

The BIAC contracted with the NM Brain Injury Alliance to train domestic violence providers about brain injuries and how to treat clientele with brain injuries. The first part of the trainings included brain injury basics, the correlation between strangulation and brain injury and basic screening for brain injury. The next trainings conducted included techniques to work with individuals with brain injuries. Approximately 230 professionals have received the trainings with more to come. Future trainings will involve creating a referral network between the DV providers and clinics and training the clinic providers on how to treat individuals with brain injuries who have been referred.

Brain Injury Awareness

The BIAC contracted with the University of New Mexico to educate rural communities about brain injuries. Two educational videos were created about brain injuries and stroke that are culturally relevant and understandable by a broad audience. Future projects will be to create educational videos in multiple languages to reach more people in New Mexico.


Statewide Bike Helmet Distribution

The Brain Injury Advisory Council has an ongoing statewide helmet distribution and education program. Students receive education about brain basics, concussions, the helmet law in New Mexico and how to properly wear a bike helmet. Bike helmets are distributed to students after receiving the education.

To request bike helmets for a distribution at your school or organization call 505-476-0412


Brain Injury Advocacy


Useful Tools

Every 21 Seconds Documentary

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